8th August 2007


Juice is the new Buzz….whatever has people talking.  The ideas, events, and words on the tips of our collective tongue. Juice is everywhere – and is typically comprised of those delightfully delicious subjects our mothers told us should never be a part of polite conversation – religion, politics, gossip, and so much more. Juice is not polite, it’s what’s in our hearts and minds, and should be spoken aloud….    

Conversation makes the world go ’round. But how can you get to know anyone with just polite conversation? To be able to understand others – and understanding is vital to our ability to co-exist – we have to truly get to know each other. That takes sharing – our thoughts, our opinions, our feelings. We have to really converse with one another.

I believe with all my heart that “spilling the juice” is what’s best – yes it can often lead to a sticky mess, but then we have the opportunity to work together to clean it up. Keeping it hidden just attracts the bugs.

Trisha Miller is an avid technologist specializing in Web Design and Mac Evangelism. Helping her spouse actively manage several business ventures is her day job, helping others with technology issues is her hobby, and she writes in whatever spare time she has left, generally instead of sleeping. She freely admits to frequently jumping into things feet first without looking to see where she’s going, with only the occasional bruise to show for it.