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MIA: John Edwards’ common sense?

Full of hot airSorry, I can’t let this pass without commenting……since the media seems to be making a big deal out of John Edwards’ comments today blasting Hillary Clinton for not saying specifically how many troops would she remove from Iraq nor give any specific dates.

Come on, John, how irresponsible would it be for any candidtate to give such specifics without being involved in the high-level meetings that include the generals responsible for the military operations as well as the secretary of defense, national security advisor, and secretary of state? HIGHLY irresponsible, and amongst the LEAST of the problems making such promises would lead to is, well broken promises.

Hillary has taken the only responsible path available – promising to address the issue early in her presidency (assuming she is elected) and promising to make withdrawal from Iraq, in a responsible manner, a top priority.

Any candidate who promises more, or more specifics, is just blowing hot air.

Everyone I’ve talked to today about this is intelligent enough to know that John Edwards is desperately trying to turn America’s growing frustration over the war in Irag against Hillary, which is not where it belongs (hello? Remember our current President who got us in there, John?). I hope the rest of the registered voters in this country are equally as intelligent, and see Edwards’ attacks for what they are – baseless, unfounded, and irresponsible.