25th October 2007

Explaining My Absence…..

calendarI’ve had a number of people email me lately, concerned over my lack of postings on all the blogs I used to post on regularly…….I thank you all for your concern….for those who have just been wondering, a word of explanation:

Over the past month I’ve suffered a harmonic convergence of several factors – a “perfect storm” of perfectly timed obligations that managed to consume every waking moment, leaving me with no time for writing (which is only my hobby, after all)……..several important work projects with short deadlines, several out-of-state trips, and a flu that seemed to hang on forever, leaving me exhausted physically and mentally. I’m just now starting to get back some energy and feeling better.

In addition, I needed to take a step back from this blog, as I felt it was heading in a direction that was different from what I’d intended – I was spending more time just ranting, and less time writing about what I originally wanted to write about (a lighthearted, humorous take on what’s going on in the world). Anyone who knows me personally knows that humor is a big part of my personality, and yet it seemed that all I could focus on was that which pushed my hot buttons. Is that a bad thing? I don’t know. We all need to rant and rave and let off steam once in a while, so maybe not.

So perhaps this blog will be about what interests me enough to express an opinion – which sometimes may be funny, and sometimes not. But I’ll write about what I care about, and even if no one else reads it, I’ll feel better for writing it.

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