9th September 2007

Have the Emmys lost their shine?

EmmyI admit that it has been a few years since I last sat down to watch the Emmy Awards, given for outstanding television performances, so perhaps I’m a bit out of touch, but Saturday night’s show really surprised me. I was stunned at what constitutes an Outstanding Performance these days, and left wondering if the Award itself hasn’t lost some of its cachet.

Has there really been such a dearth of worthwhile musical contributions this past year that Justin Timberlake’s “Dick in a Box” is deserving of an award? Yes, I saw the original broadcast, and yes, it was funny. Not the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, but funny. I would have thought it belonged in a comedy category, not musical contributions. What’s even more surprising is that among its competitors in that category was a song from Scrubs, “Everything Comes Down to Poo”. You’re kidding, right? Who nominates this stuff anyway?

I also truly do not understand the category for Reality Programs. These shows are supposed to be about “real life” aren’t they? So someone can get an award for being themself? Or are Reality shows really “fake”, with a script and actors? If they are not fake, have no script, and use non-actors, how can someone deserve an award for simply doing whatever it is that they normally do? I don’t get it.

I wonder how a talented actor, who deservedly wins an award for a performance that both the nominating body and judges must have found impressive, feels when they speak to someone who can say “that’s great – I won an Emmy too, for singing a song about my genitalia!”….or the person who says “yeah, I won an Emmy too, for just being on television doing the same stuff I do everyday!”. Must feel real good.

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