23rd August 2007

God’s Warriors – which ones were the scariest?

Religious IconsThe last three nights I have been held captive by CNN – enthralled with the special 3-part series presented by Christianne Amanpour, titled “God’s Warriors“, which reported on the extreme fundamentalist movements within each of the three major religions of the world – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Specifically the report focused on how each of these movements were politicizing their message and influencing governments. It was a well balanced, unbiased, and unvarnished look at how the world, our interactions, and possibly our futures are being shaped by the beliefs and convictions of these groups. Brava, Christianne!

I would urge anyone who missed it to take advantage of CNN’s planned rebroadcast this weekend, over both Saturday and Sunday nights, beginning at 9pm ET. Six hours in total, so they are going to split it into two 3-hour segments instead of the 3 2-hour segments just shown, but it is well worth the investment of your time and attention.

It is imperative the everyone – regardless of your religious affiliation, or even if you have none – be informed on what is going on in our world, because ignorance breeds complacency, and complacency will be the downfall of individuals who value their rights and their freedom. Religion should not be politicized and governments should not be controlled by religion. Governments should represent all people, of all faiths, not just those who espouse extreme beliefs. We cannot allow ourselves to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to those who seek to subvert the very civil liberties this country was founded upon and impose their own will instead.

Pay attention – be informed.

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